Dr. East Speaks

Dr. East Speaks is geared specifically for women.  Focused on providing life coaching, group classes, wellness workshops / seminars and keynotes that empower women to SLAY in their lanes and embrace the fierce and strong woman warriors they are.
Are You Ready To:
  • Transform self-doubt into confidence.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others.
  • Get rid of that feeling that you’re not where you should be by now.
  • Trust yourself and your decisions.
  • Release trauma and gain closure
  • Play a bigger role in YOUR life.

If you said YES… it’s time to SLAY In Your Lane! Whether it’s 1:1, group or email…. Dr. East Speaks it all!

Coaching Topics:

  • Emotional Addiction
  • Thriving Through Divorce
  • Acing Anxiety
  • Life Pivots

Coaching Benefits: 

  • Gain Clarity, Confidence and Rediscovered Enthusiasm for Life
  • Quiet Your Self-Doubt and Negative Self-Talk
  • Detach from the Pain of Criticism and Family Expectations
  • Reconnect with your Dreams, Desires, Passions and Values
  • A Balanced Work/Life that’s Designed by you as you move towards Self-Acceptance
  • A Sense of Purpose and Confidence in your Path and Your Future
  • Overcoming Limited Beliefs and your Inner Critic that have been holding you back
  • Feel Confident in yourself so that Comparisons won’t Affect you
  • Overcoming a breakup, Troubled Marriage or Friendship
  • Building Confidence and Courage, Practicing Self-Acceptance
  • Exploring Thoughts, Feelings and Dreams
  • Overcoming Fears and Finding Strength Through Tears
  • Releasing Past Stories that are Sabotaging the Present- Learning Tips and Strategies for Handling Stress and Anxiety

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Have you ever tried to move forward from a broken relationship, only to keep circling back?  Why can’t you get over this person? Questions like these are more common than you think.  The Hangover takes you through the 12 steps of recognizing, dealing and healing from Emotional Addiction.  You already know what didn’t work in your past relationships, now let’s understand why and how not to repeat the same nonsense.  Having a sober heart and mind is the only way to really find happiness.  Once this is a reality, intimacy and love won’t be far behind.

“Many people have no clue that when I was in my twenties, I married the same man twice.  So, I’m very familiar with how one becomes entangled in the expectations that society, friends, family and that inner voice has for your life.  “It wasn’t just love that made me go back for a second round. It was being in love with the idea of love,the idea of happily ever after…it was being in love with the potential and not the person.  It was being in love with all things and concepts.  I eventually chose to fall in love with myself. And honey, emotional sobriety is…EVERYTHING!”

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The content on this site is for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitute for psychological, medical, legal or other professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. For issues concerning mental health, you are invited to schedule an appointment with Dr. East or her team. S.M.I.L.E. is focused on assisting individuals and families with many challenges from, overcoming everyday stressors, to healing from traumatic events.

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