Licensed Massage Therapist

Kenya Shiloh

“Revitalize your mind and body….Relax, Renew, Recover!“

I am a licensed massage therapist (lic. # MA 90633) and holistic wellness advocate with a passion for the human body, it’s ability to heal, and what I can do to empower and assist in that process.

Since graduating massage school in 2014, I have worked with several bodies thrown off balance by automobile accidents or other trauma. My efforts generally provide pain relief and alleviate neck and muscle stiffness. Sometimes the relief is more mental and emotional and I help clients relax and just let go. I have also worked with runners, tennis players, golfers, and other athletes with pain from overuse.

Many of my clients sit at a desk for eight hours a day, hunched over a computer, neck tilted over their phone, shoulders tense while they drive, and slouched posture when they stand. I help strengthen and lengthen those shortened muscles, relieve tension, and loosen tightness by bringing awareness to posture and helping clients gain ease. I’ve also been a source of relief for several tired mothers with pain from holding a baby on their hip and just in need of a little self-care.

From the elderly to children, I have used massage and bodywork to provide some form of relief for various causes and I look forward to working with you.

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