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Children and adolescents may encounter problems that interfere with their growth and psychological development. Children mental health and teenage mental health problems are typically multifaceted and their treatment may require more than a single approach. At S.M.I.L.E. Psychology, we work together as a multidisciplinary team to address the needs of adolescents and their families.

Any parent with a teen can relate to the notion that teens might not always be easy to communicate with. Building trust and support is an integral part of the therapy process, and proving teens with a safe venue to vocalize concerns is a vital part of assessing how they are doing overall. Adolescent therapists specialize in current stressors and issues facing the current generation of teens, and work to become effective at establishing a trusting relationship to be of help when difficulties arise. Like children, teens often need an advocate to work with various caregivers to communicate about needs or concerns. When teens are anxious or depressed, the signs may not be as apparent as they are with adults, and teens may not now how to effectively reach out for help.

Counseling, along with good communication from family members can be an effective way to identify and work through many emotional and social difficulties facing today’s teenagers. As with children, Psychologists also perform diagnostic testing with teens to help identify academic and emotional issues that may have been overlooked or misidentified.

While counselors do work to build trust with children and teens, they also keep parents informed about goals, progress and any issues that arise during the process. Family therapy may also be a part of working with children, bringing parents into the sessions and working through problems as one big team.

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